About the Google CSS Program

What is the Google CSS program?2020-02-06T13:15:13+01:00

In 2017, Google was brought to court and received a fine of € 2.4 billion from the European Commission for monopoly behavior in the market.
Monopoly behavior precisely because product ads, so-called Google Shopping Ads, are also considered a comparison of store prices since the ads themselves contain not only the product image, product name but also its price and e-shop where you can buy it. The decision of The Europian Commission has forced Google to give price comparators in the EU a chance and an opportunity to offer lower cost-per-click in Google Shopping Ads to its customers. Thus, selected price comparators of goods in the EU have the possibility, under certain conditions, to become so-called. Google CSS Partner (Comparison Shopping Service).

In which countries I am able to advertise in via a CSS Partner?2020-02-06T13:15:47+01:00

CSS partners can currently use Shopping Ads for Google in 21 countries in the European Economic Area. You can use these services in: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Where can I find more information about the Google CSS program?2020-02-06T13:39:44+01:00

You can read more about this program at the Google CSS Partner Portal. You will also be able to compare different CSS partners there.

If you are looking for more specific details, you can find them on the Google support page.

So that means, that a CSS partner can only be a comparator from the EU?2020-02-06T13:34:31+01:00

Yes, exactly. Only selected price comparators of products that meet Google’s extensive conditions can become a reseller of Google Shopping Ads on the Google Search Network, providing a significant discount of up to -20% of the normal cost per click.

What service does CSS Partner offer?2020-02-06T13:41:41+01:00

In addition to offering you space to display your products in price comparison, the CSS Partner can also give you a discount of up to -20% of the normal cost per click in Google Shopping Ads. For example, if you pay 1,00€ per click today, in some cases you can bring it down to only 0,80€ per click. You can either a) lower fixed advertising cost or b) keep regular credit / lower daily spend on product advertising and increase overall performance up to +25%. Increasing %CTR and, of course, increase the chance of getting more transactions, conversions from Google Shopping Ads, for the same costs.

Does that mean I pay credit for Google Shopping Ads to CSS Partner and not Google?2020-02-06T13:45:54+01:00

No! Nothing changes about the functionality of your Google Ads account or Google Merchant account. You will continue to be automatically charged for your Google advertising from your credit/debit card, or billed at the end of the month, as you’ve been used to.  Even during each BID auction and click on your ads, the resulting discount is applied immediately, therefore at the end of the day or month, you are already paying less than before you went to the CSS Partner.

So what changes when I become a client of a CSS Partner?2020-02-06T13:18:21+01:00

Basically, absolutely nothing regarding the settings of your Google Ads and Merchant account(s). The only thing that changes for you as an advertiser is that you are starting to benefit from the possibility of getting a discount of up to -20% off regular Google CSS prices!

Is there a limit to how much I can spend daily?2020-02-06T13:19:53+01:00

Such a restriction should not exist with any CSS Partner. However, it is always necessary to take a good look at whether or not it does, as some CSS Partners explicitly limit clients with daily spending. If you use CSS Partner service from us (Shopping in EU), then you have no limits!

What is the current situation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic? Are there CSS Partners?2020-02-06T13:50:32+01:00

CSS is very young in our region. Google Shopping Ads themselves were launched in Slovakia only recently (late summer 2019). Nevertheless, there was a sharp increase in offers of such services from different agencies or price comparators. You can often meet a CSS reseller, which means that the online agency only offers this product/service through someone else to provide you with at least some profit and benefit. Some CSS Partners ask for a certain fee in the form of %(percent) of the spent credit from the previous month. Some CSS Partners ask for a fixed fee. Unlike everyone else, CSS Shopping in EU is an expressly Slovak, local company that has grown on the wings of the largest Google Channel Partner in CEE (BlueWinston.com) and has thousands of customers across the EU and around the world. But the most important thing is that you can get CSS from Shopping in EU completely free of charge!

Do I also have to pay for having published products in product price comparison?2020-02-06T13:52:28+01:00

The vast majority of CSS Partners are well-known price comparators of goods from home or abroad, who have the entire business model based on the credit system based on clicks to your eshop. For this service, they naturally charge fees. Again, with CSS Shopping in EU you pay nothing, no extra and hidden fees for having your products in the price comparison.

Should I worry about giving you access to a Google Ads account?2020-02-06T13:57:53+01:00

Definitely not! BlueWinston and Shopping in EU now have access to more than 5600 Google Ads accounts worldwide with a total spend of over € 18 million/month, we believe this is enough of an argument that you can feel 100% safe with us. Our terms and conditions also define that we must not interfere with your advertising account’s performance, its settings, and in no way share your internal statistics or third-party spends.

Can I use the CSS service from you if I do not want or cannot grant access to the Google Ads account?2020-02-06T13:59:33+01:00

Yes of course. We also have clients who cannot grant primary link access because they have different agencies or accesses that require this status in their Google Ads account. Furthermore, there are also cases in which the client does not wish to do so or does not have the option to grant us access to the Google Ads account. In such cases, the client can not use the free CSS service with us, but a fee-paying program, where we always try to find out more about the advertiser and configure the monthly fee so that it does not burden them and continues to achieve and benefit from the CSS itself.

How does the transition under CSS Shopping in EU happen ?2020-02-07T14:51:15+01:00

It is actually a fairly simple process. At every step, that is needed to be taken is an extensive support team. Very simply said and listed these requirements are: 1) we need URL for your XML product feed, 2) Google Merchant account number, 3) Google Ads account number (if access can be granted), 4) simple declaration in the form of an email, that you are interested in becoming a client of CSS shopping in EU. Basically, we can realize everything in 10 minutes and within 2-4 workdays the CSS will start.

What if I decide to switch to another CSS Partner or back under Google CSS itself?2020-02-06T14:04:00+01:00

It doesn’t happen very often =), but you are not bound by anything during our partnership. Meaning, we are obliged to comply at any point, should you want to switch to another CSS Partner for any reason, which does not need to be stated.

Is there a restriction to where my Shopping Ads will appear?2020-02-06T13:25:13+01:00

It is not common for a CSS Partner to offer Google Shopping Ads on all networks! With CSS Shopping in EU, you can get the most out of Google Shopping Ads and appear on Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Gmail.

How long does it take until I can start using Shopping in EU service?2020-03-20T10:40:34+01:00

We can arrange all the procedural steps in a single day. All you need to get it done can be found by following this link. 

Afterward, according to our experiences, it takes approximately 2-4 workdays until the Google employees switch your Google Merchant Account under our Google Merchant Multi-Client Account.

What is learning phase and how it can affect you2020-05-14T08:49:09+02:00

The learning phase is when the Google algorithm learns how your campaigns are conducted, how much you spend, and how it could save you on cost-per-click.

This is a phenomenon that will be reflected in campaigns that have more fundamental changes. One of them is the switch to a new CSS partner. Usually, the learning phase begins the day after switching to another CSS service and takes 1 to 10 days. The learning phase occurs when you use a smart bidding strategy, such as maximizing conversion value or target ROAS.

Read the official Google article about CSS partners on this link.

Check our guide on how to switch

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