Why choose Shopping in EU

Our CSS was finely tuned from the start for both affordability and functionality, accommodating e-shops of any scale. Unlike some CSS partners who offer higher-priced packages, our pricing ensures you only pay for what you truly need, without extra costs for features you might not use or a premium CSS Partner brand name.

Now, the key question remains: What makes us the standout choice among the numerous options of over 100 CSS partners?

If you decide to continue with the CSS after the trial period, you can have it for a monthly fee of 29€ per Google Merchant Center account as a standalone product.
With us you can have a CSS in all countries of the EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland, and England.
We do not charge any start-up costs for setting up the CSS, creating a Google Ads and Google Merchant account, or support.
You can continue advertising as you have until now, or use the services of 3rd parties or agencies from home and abroad. You can continue to use your current Google Ads and Google Merchant account as before the activation.
If you want to use only our CSS program, you can do exactly that. We will not nudge you to use any of our services and tools.
You can cancel the use of CSS at any time. We don’t have a notice period or anything like that.
We always speak exactly as it is and this is also how we write articles and case studies. We know that the CSS works just fine and therefore we will be happy to write you a report at the end of the trial period directly from your Google Ads if you want.

You will be automatically included in the free price comparison.

Our support has years of experience in PPC campaigns and by default, we have all the necessary Google certificates regarding the CSS.
Our support agents can create Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts for you and help you start advertising free of charge. If you do not know how to set up conversion measurements, we can help you with that too. All you have to do is set up the company information and payment card in Google Ads and start advertising.
We have no limits on campaign budgets. You can spend €10, €50 or even €2000 a day.
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