Cost-effective CSS for any E-shop in the EU. Try out our CSS for 30 days free of charge and compare performance before the CSS and after. We will gladly check the results together with you during and after the trial period.

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Free of Charge

If you are using BlueWinston, Managino Tool, or you are a client of the Managino Agency, you can get our CSS free of charge as long as you use any one or more of our tools and services.

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1 month for free

Standalone CSS

If you are satisfied with the results from the initial trial version, you can continue using our CSS program as a standalone service for a fee of 29€ per month.

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CSS for a Marketing Agency | Marketing Freelancer

If you are from a Marketing Agency or you are a Marketing Freelancer, let us know and we can schedule a video call where we will talk about everything regarding our CSS program and also how we can incorporate something more with the help of our other tools.



Enter your daily budget (sum up the Shopping, Smart Shopping, and P. Max campaigns) into the calculator and check how much you could benefit from our CSS program.

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* The amount converted in the calculator is the maximum value you can reach with the CSS program.
The percentage that CSS applies to cost-per-click is not stagnant and it varies for every auction.