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Shopping in EU CSS

offers up to 20% discount on cost per click in Google Shopping Ads for free.

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We are one of Google CSS Partners with which online stores can take advantage of Google Shopping & Dynamic Remarketing Ads discount up to -20% completely free of charge!

Achieve more clicks while keeping your expenses the same, or reduce your costs on Ads.

Shopping in EU is one of the largest Google CSS partners in CEE (Central Eastern Europe) and is trusted by hundreds of online merchants and agencies. We offer you the opportunity to get up to 20% discount on CPC (cost-per-click) prices on any Google Shopping Ads.

For example, if you pay $ 1.00 per click today, thanks to “CSS Shopping in EU”, you only have to pay $ 0.80 for the same click.

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Try out how much you can save on Google Shopping Ads

25 € 500 €

€/mo. without discount
€/mo. with discount
Save up to
€/yearly without discount
€/yearly with discount
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How to display more products in Google Shopping

More CSS partners mean more products in the spotlight and more potential customers. Use the opportunity to advertise your e-shop in multiple places. More of your products means you can pass your competition and be seen by more people.

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Shopping in EU (CSS) services pricing

For Free

If you are using services like BlueWinston – product ads tool or Managino – Google Ads bidding tool, we will provide to you all the advantages of CSS Shopping in EU partnership for free.

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19 EUR/month

Monthly fee program for 19€/month.
If you decide for the paid version, complete short form, please.

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Agency, PPC freelancer (CSS reseller)

Are you an agency, PPC freelancer or a company who is able to reseller / recommend our CSS service to end customer(s)? Do not hesitate and contact us to get more information about cooperation.


Main reasons why to choose Shopping in EU (CSS)

  1. For Free – If you are using services like BlueWinston – product ads tool or Managino – Google Ads bidding tool, we will provide to you all the advantages of CSS Shopping in EU partnership for free.
  2. You won’t notice any changes – You can continue advertising as you have had so far, or use the services of third parties or agencies from home and abroad. Continue using your current Google Ads and Google Merchant account as usual.
  3. 100% independence – We do not require any monthly fees for managing your campaigns nor do we require you to use our agency services.
  4. 21 countries in the EU – The CSS program works only within the EEA (European Economic Area) and in Switzerland, based on a decision of the European Commission in 2017. Including Slovakia, Czech Republic and other 19 EU countries that participate in this program.
  5. No cancellation period – Using our services as a CSS partner can be canceled at any time. No notice period or anything similar.
  6. Products included in price comparison – You will be automatically included in price comparison at
  1. Premium support – We’re here 24 hours, 7 days a week. At the same time, we offer you professional advice from, the largest Google Channel Partner for the CEE region.
  2. Creation of accounts required for advertising – If Google Ads and advertising is something new to you no need to worry. If you are interested in advertising your products on Google. please do not hesitate to contact us and we will create all the necessary accounts and links to get the most out of the services of this advertising network.
  3. Google Shopping ads – If you already have advertising accounts, but don’t know how to do Shopping Ads, don’t worry =) Our unique tool will automatically prepare your Google Shopping campaigns for you, and you can start to profit from these product ads right away.
  4. Unlimited ad budget – We do not limit you in any way, so your ad budget is in your own control. You can spend 30€, 50€ or even 1000€ on ads daily.
  5. No set-up costs – We do not charge any initial costs for setting up a CSS service, creating campaigns, or Google Ads and Google Merchant accounts.
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What is the Google CSS program?2020-02-06T13:15:13+01:00

In 2017, Google was brought to court and received a fine of € 2.4 billion from the European Commission for monopoly behavior in the market.
Monopoly behavior precisely because product ads, so-called Google Shopping Ads, are also considered a comparison of store prices since the ads themselves contain not only the product image, product name but also its price and e-shop where you can buy it. The decision of The Europian Commission has forced Google to give price comparators in the EU a chance and an opportunity to offer lower cost-per-click in Google Shopping Ads to its customers. Thus, selected price comparators of goods in the EU have the possibility, under certain conditions, to become so-called. Google CSS Partner (Comparison Shopping Service).

In which countries I am able to advertise in via a CSS Partner?2020-02-06T13:15:47+01:00

CSS partners can currently use Shopping Ads for Google in 21 countries in the European Economic Area. You can use these services in: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

What service does CSS Partner offer?2020-02-06T13:41:41+01:00

In addition to offering you space to display your products in price comparison, the CSS Partner can also give you a discount of up to -20% of the normal cost per click in Google Shopping Ads. For example, if you pay 1,00€ per click today, in some cases you can bring it down to only 0,80€ per click. You can either a) lower fixed advertising cost or b) keep regular credit / lower daily spend on product advertising and increase overall performance up to +25%. Increasing %CTR and, of course, increase the chance of getting more transactions, conversions from Google Shopping Ads, for the same costs.

Does that mean I pay credit for Google Shopping Ads to CSS Partner and not Google?2020-02-06T13:45:54+01:00

No! Nothing changes about the functionality of your Google Ads account or Google Merchant account. You will continue to be automatically charged for your Google advertising from your credit/debit card, or billed at the end of the month, as you’ve been used to.  Even during each BID auction and click on your ads, the resulting discount is applied immediately, therefore at the end of the day or month, you are already paying less than before you went to the CSS Partner.

So what changes when I become a client of a CSS Partner?2020-02-06T13:18:21+01:00

Basically, absolutely nothing regarding the settings of your Google Ads and Merchant account(s). The only thing that changes for you as an advertiser is that you are starting to benefit from the possibility of getting a discount of up to -20% off regular Google CSS prices!

Is there a limit to how much I can spend daily?2020-02-06T13:19:53+01:00

Such a restriction should not exist with any CSS Partner. However, it is always necessary to take a good look at whether or not it does, as some CSS Partners explicitly limit clients with daily spending. If you use CSS Partner service from us (Shopping in EU), then you have no limits!

Is there a restriction to where my Shopping Ads will appear?2020-02-06T13:25:13+01:00

It is not common for a CSS Partner to offer Google Shopping Ads on all networks! With CSS Shopping in EU, you can get the most out of Google Shopping Ads and appear on Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Gmail.

How long does it take until I can start using Shopping in EU service?2020-03-20T10:40:34+01:00

We can arrange all the procedural steps in a single day. All you need to get it done can be found by following this link. 

Afterward, according to our experiences, it takes approximately 2-4 workdays until the Google employees switch your Google Merchant Account under our Google Merchant Multi-Client Account.

What is learning phase and how it can affect you2020-05-14T08:49:09+02:00

The learning phase is when the Google algorithm learns how your campaigns are conducted, how much you spend, and how it could save you on cost-per-click.

This is a phenomenon that will be reflected in campaigns that have more fundamental changes. One of them is the switch to a new CSS partner. Usually, the learning phase begins the day after switching to another CSS service and takes 1 to 10 days. The learning phase occurs when you use a smart bidding strategy, such as maximizing conversion value or target ROAS.

More FAQs

How can you use this discount?

The only thing that changes is the performance of your ads while keeping your current investment in them. You ask how?

  1. Increase sales
    If you have a perfect return on investment (ROI), you can keep your current bidding setting to increase your sales. Views and clicks begin to increase after a while. If you keep the same investment in your ads, e.g. $1, the impact of the discount is the same as increasing your bids by 25% . If you’d like to raise your bids, your ad will show even more in response, but it may no longer be entirely relevant to search queries, so it may not be reflected on clicks (leading to lower clickthrough rate (CTR)).
  2. Increase profits
    However, you can also opt for a strategy of keeping your current performance while reducing your investment by 10-20%. This will help your ad show for more relevant search queries, resulting in higher profitability.

We recommend that you start with this strategy – conserve volume and increase profitability. Only after you start seeing your first results, switch to strategy 1.

What happens if you use up to 20% discount from a Google CSS Partner?

By applying a discount to your current Shopping campaign settings, you’ll feel that your performance has improved as if you had raised your bids by 25%. The number of how many times your ad was displayed in Shopping will increase, respectively it will be displayed in more lucrative places. Increasing your CPC bids will increase the number of times your ad will be displayed. By using up to 20% discount of Google CSS Partner you will get an edge over other advertisers, moving the curve left. Meaning, you will get more than your competitors using Google Shopping CSS, for the same price.

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Cliks per day

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