You can see how the CSS works within the first days of activation. We recommend not to make fundamental changes in the Google Ads interface during the trial period of the CSS. It’s important for those 30 days to pass so that we can see how your campaigns develop with the benefits of the CSS.

After the trial period has expired, you can decide to:

1. Leave all campaigns settings as you have them now

Even though the CSS brings the benefit of a reduced cost per click (CPC), we still recommend keeping your budgets as they have been. Most advertisers are used to the budget they had before they tried the CSS, so they have no reason to change it. This way you can improve the performance of campaigns by up to 25%.

2. Reduce budgets by 10 to 20% on Shopping and Performance Max campaigns

After the trial period is over, we can check how the CSS affected your CPC. This way you can reduce the cost of advertisement while the performance of your campaigns stays the same as before.

3. Increase budgets and add more Shopping and Performance Max campaigns

Increasing the budget is always a great option. Of course, when using CSS, the budget increase can mean a higher return on investment (ROI). This way, you can not only strengthen your online advertising but also be more competitive and maybe even overtake the competition that has been in front of you so far.

Things that you should pay attention to when choosing a CSS Partner?

Before choosing a CSS Partner, you should look always at the Terms and Conditions, because some CSS Partners can charge a percentage of the turnover in addition to a fixed amount, and of course, they may have a completely different price for the CSS and offer other services that you may not use or need.

Everything about the price and what you get with the CSS must be declared by each CSS Partner in their Terms and Conditions, so be careful and read them thoroughly.

You should also check what the specialization level of the support is. When you choose the CSS Partner they will become your default Merchant center support and if you have any problems, Google Merchant support will always tell you to consult them with your CSS specialists.

We are certified, trained, and experienced PPC specialists, because we create and optimize campaigns in the BlueWinston PPC tool. But this is a rarity and not every CSS Partner has tools and PPC specialists for support.

You should always check the certifications of CSS Partners. We usually put them on our websites. You can always ask about the support experience and thus guarantee its quality.

Why is CSS beneficial for any size of e-shop?

The percentage that the CSS returns from the CPC fluctuates and it’s never stagnant! The biggest percentage that we can “save” for you is up to 20% of your default CPC. Therefore, whether you have a family business or you are a huge international e-shop, the percentage refers to the resulting amount you spend on Shopping and Performance Max campaigns.

Smaller businesses may have a smaller ad spend, but the percentage that the CSS returns to them can be reflected not only in the increase in traffic to the e-shop but also in the number of orders. It all depends on how many clicks you need on average per order 🙂

With larger e-shops, it is clear that the ad spend is a bit different, and of course, with a larger spend, the percentage also works differently. If, for example, you spend 10,000€ per month on Shopping and P. Max campaigns, with the CSS you could advertise as if you were spending approx. 12,000€ per month.

What results can you expect from a CSS program?

By using CSS without making any changes to your ad spend, you can increase your performance by up to 25%. This way you can have a higher number of clicks and more impressions. When you have a higher number of clicks, the conversion rate can also increase, due to the fact that for the same budget you have more clicks and a greater chance of a purchase.

If your competition does not have a CSS Partner (advertised as “from Google”), you can outrun them because you can use your budget more efficiently with the CSS Partner.

If your competition has the CSS Partner (displayed as “from Shopping in EU” or “from Product Hero” etc.), you should find a CSS Partner too. They are already using the benefit of the CSS and you are thus at a disadvantage.

You can try our CSS for 30 days free of charge! We can advise you regarding anything Shopping or Performance Max ads related. After the trial period, if you are satisfied with the results, you will pay only 29€ per month for one Google Merchant Center (GMC) account and not a cent more! Of course, if you would use our PPC tool BlueWinston you can get the CSS completely free of charge as long as you have an active BlueWinston subscription 🙂