One of the most common questions of our clients is how and when it is possible to monitor the results of a CSS Partner.

As you have read, whether on our website or anywhere else, your CSS Partner is able to reduce your advertising costs or increase the performance of your ads for the same money. However, it all depends on how you set it up.

What will happen after the switch?

As soon as you receive information from our support that your account is switched, it means that Google has applied a CSS program for your account.

However, it is important to note that these changes take effect within 24 hours.

The change from Google CSS to another CSS Partner must be set by Google, which is why we always inform you that you have to wait at least a day.

The only thing that will change for you as an advertiser is a small change in the display of your Shopping ads. Instead of the link “By Google” you will have “By Shopping in EU“.

Shopping ads

If you use Smart Bidding, there may be a so-called learning phase, which you can read about in our next article.

How to measure CSS Partner results?

Currently, Google offers no metric on how to track the performance of a CSS Partner directly or through an application. However, there are ways you can at least roughly measure it.

However, it is also necessary to take into account in which segment you or your client operates. If you sell Christmas decorations and measure the effectiveness of CSS in the spring, you can’t expect a radical change in your sales or a sharp saving on CPC, as you generally have fewer conversions.

So how do you track CSS Partner results?

  • Do not make radical changes to your Merchant account, such as changing your CPC.
  • Test for at least 30 days from the date of the switch.
  • Compare the period of 30 days before and after the switch / ideally year-on-year.
  • If your CPC has not decreased, check your position against competitors that may have improved.
  • You can also compare Impressions, which change immediately unlike CPC.

There is another way on how to measure the CSS program. You can create a new Merchant account which you will then track and compare. If you contact us, we will create a Merchant account for you directly in our CSS MCC and therefore the CSS program will be applied immediately.

So how does a real “discount” work?

To give you a better idea of how a discount can work, here’s an example.

Consider that you are advertising and pay 1€ per click. If you use the classic Google CSS, you pay 1€ per click, but in reality, 0.80€ goes to the auction and 0.20€ as a tax directly to Google.

After switching to a CSS Partner, you pay 1€ per click and exactly 1€ goes to the auction. This means that while maintaining the same costs as with Google, you now have plus 0.20€ higher performance for Shopping ads.

You have the option to:

A) Reduce your cost-per-clicks and get the same performance and save money.
B) Keep the same amount per click and your ads will perform better based on the % you save.

Also, the amount of this “discount” is determined by Google itself based on your competition, market, and seasonality.

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