We have an interesting period ahead of us. As we could see from previous years, Shopping and Smart Shopping ads could achieve incredible performance for your e-shop.

Most e-shops met the highest proportion of orders from Shopping Ads (up to 60-70%), so when a novelty appears that improves this type of campaign, you should of course try it out if you can.

Setting up and creating campaigns is never easy, so we want to describe this article on how to effectively and easily create new Performance campaigns from scratch.

How to create a Performance Max campaign?

1. Select Sales when creating a new campaign

2. Select the Performance Max type

3. Select your Merchant Center account (to advertise in Shopping ads), the country where it’s advertised, and go to the next step

4. In this step set up a sufficient budget, we mostly use the focus on conversion value in Bidding options, and of course, you can use the ROAS settings but it’s optional


On the left side of the panel, you can see the weekly estimates of the number of conversions, their value, and expected ROAS. Of course, this is only an estimate and the campaign can perform better, but also worse 🙂

5. Select the location of the advertisement (check the reach on the right side) and select the language (we recommend that you always use English as an addition, for example in Spain select Spanish and English)


6. Select the products that you want to advertise

7. In the Assets, fill out everything as much as you can


We recommend filling out as many items as possible. Import all your photos in good quality, upload videos if you have them (Google can create them automatically if you don’t have them), insert a logo, etc. At the top, you can see the power of the ad. The stronger it is, the better.

8. Select or create the audience signals

We recommend adding the most relevant audiences possible. Review the GA4, and add audiences accordingly. You can also create audiences and then apply them in subsequent campaigns, and of course, you can also target different audiences for different campaign goals.

9. Set up the extensions


You can use the extensions you have them in Google Ads already, but you can also create new ones if you don’t have any. Of course, try to fill in as many extensions as possible, so that Google has something to work with. Don’t underestimate extensions, they can greatly improve your campaigns 🙂

10. Check the settings and review your campaign. If everything is in order, publish the campaign.


Although this type of campaign is easier to set up, it needs quality creatives, headlines, descriptions, and labels to make the campaigns perform well. If you need specialists in campaign management, do not hesitate to write to us. Colleagues from the Managino Agency will be happy to look at your campaigns. They can suggest options for you and will be happy to work them out, they will also help you maintain the high performance of your campaigns.

Of course, as long as you connect the Merchant center account and advertise in Shopping ads, the CSS service is a great way to boost the traffic. Feel free to let us know and we will launch a CSS program for 30 days for free. This way you will be able to try the service, evaluate it and upgrade to a paid version in case of positive results.