When we at Shopping in EU realized that interviews with our clients would be a good idea, we said that there can’t be a better start of the whole interview process than at home. In this way, we will introduce our subsidiaries, the Managino agency, and the automated PPC tool BlueWinston.

We created BlueWinston 7 years ago because smaller e-shops couldn’t automate product campaigns into Google search, nor did they have the funds to have their advertising taken over by a marketing agency.

In 2019, we decided to create our marketing agency, and thus the Managino Agency was established. Here we are focusing on the manual creation of Google Ads campaigns.

In this interview, you can read all about what is it that we do, how we approach our clients, and why do our subsidiaries use the CSS program for their clients.

Head of PPC at Managino Agency. PPC wonder woman in charge of complex marketing services for Managino Agency clients.
bluewinston martin
PPC specialist at BlueWinston. Support guru and the man behind creation and optimization of product campaigns in BlueWinston.
Hi Janka and Martin. We would like to show people what areas we work in, so we decided to interview you. So let’s move on to the questions.

Janka, could you tell us what you do at Managino?

Janka: Within Managino Agency, we provide comprehensive online marketing services ranging from setting up web analytics to the creation and management of PPC campaigns on various channels and even search engine optimization. We always try to provide insightful solutions for the clients, and being under one roof with all the subsidiaries simplifies communication with specialists, administration, and the overall performance of individual channels. This is why individual department communication is fundamental for us and our clients.

Martin, a similar question, explain to us in two or three sentences what BlueWinston specializes in?

Martin: BlueWinston is an automation tool for product text and smart shopping campaigns for Google. It has a plethora of features such as multiple filter settings, automated keyword generation, an intuitive ad template builder, and scripts. The biggest advantage is that the campaign creation takes a few minutes, even if it involves thousands of products.

I would like to continue with you Martin. What kind of e-shop would you recommend BlueWinston to?

Martin: I would recommend BlueWinston to an e-shop that advertises hundreds or even thousands of products and measures the conversions in Google Ads. Product campaigns have high performance (high ROAS or low COS) and appeal to the user when they already know exactly what product they are looking for.

Janka, you first worked at BlueWinston, and then after creating an agency you moved to Managino. Do you still use BlueWinston for clients or how do you rate whether this tool is worth using?

Janka: Definitely yes. I see the biggest advantage in creating Smart Shopping campaigns, as thanks to the BlueWinston tool I can create segmented campaigns within a few minutes by product categories or brands, product price range, or by margins, etc. The advantage is also in scripts that BlueWinston, which can make my manual work easier and save me a lot of time, which I can use, for example, for researching the campaign structures in the account for the next period.

I have a question for both. What is the basis of good cooperation with the client? What is the best way to work with a given account?

Janka: We work well with the client if we clearly define a realistic and measurable goal that we would like to achieve within our cooperation. Two-way communication regularly and feedback from the clients are also important. If I take it from an objective point of view, the account works well when it already has a certain history and the campaigns have collected data from which we can build. With new and starting e-shops it is always a bigger challenge.

Martin: The basis of good cooperation, whether with the e-shop or with the agency, is mainly in the communication itself. In addition, the selection of a good segment, suitable daily budgets as well as the optimization of BlueWinston campaigns is of great importance. The best scenario is if we have direct access to the client’s Google Ads account. This way we can advise even better, especially because we can see what campaigns the client already has and we can assess what could be added with the help of BlueWinston.

How many clients currently use BlueWinston and what are most clients?

Martin: BlueWinston is used by thousands of users around the world and from various segments. As part of the trial program, we can create campaigns for new e-shops and also help with campaign optimization free of charge. When the e-shop goes into the paid program, the e-shop owner can manage the product campaigns created through BlueWinston by himself, through the agency, or we can manage it for them.

Do you create Shopping Campaigns for each e-shop automatically or do you start with a text ad?

Janka: I think that the Shopping campaigns should form the basis of every account, as in most cases they generate the largest volume of conversions. Before clicking on the ad, the potential customer sees the product name and image in addition to the product name.

Martin: It’s individual. For some segments, smart shopping campaigns are important (eg. fashion), but for example, product text campaigns also have beautiful results in the electronics segment. It’s great if the e-shop already has some campaigns running in Google Ads and collects conversions, because we can see what was going on with the ads historically, what products are important to create an advertisement for, etc.

Martin, why do you recommend the CSS program to clients and how do you see its results?

Martin: We recommend the CSS program to e-shops and agencies because e-shops can get more clicks from a given budget. An e-shop that uses a CSS program, therefore, has an advantage over its competition, which does not yet use a CSS program. Another advantage is that all e-shops that already use BlueWinston can use the CSS service Shopping in EU for free. For other CSS services, they would pay tens to hundreds of euros per month. We see that e-shops that have a CSS program will get more clicks and, of course, more conversions.

The question is only for Janka, do you use CSS for all clients?

Janka: We recommend that clients use the CSS service, as we have long-term good experience with it. In addition, this service is free for Managino Agency clients, so they are also open to testing its benefits and it has not happened that we would ask for a so-called “Switchback”.

I would end this conversation with a recommendation, so I will divide it into two questions:

1. Janka, what would she recommend to e-shops that don’t know if and how their advertising can be improved?

Janka: Contact Managino Agency specialists. 🙂 We will be happy to audit your account (Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook, Heureka, Zboží ..) and summarize the main shortcomings and suggestions for their elimination. Thanks to the delivered output, the client can assess what specific steps we can provide within the services and will be able to decide whether to have the proposals incorporated into our account by us.

2. Martin, will BlueWinston only pay off with a large e-shop or even a smaller one?

Martin: In the case of product campaigns, it’s is similar to other PPC campaigns. If the e-shop has interesting and price-competitive products, it makes sense to automate the advertisement of specific products. The overall performance of the campaigns also includes the recognizability of the e-shop, loyalty programs, delivery price, payment options, etc. Another thing is that larger and more well-known e-shops may have different ROAS goals than smaller e-shops. For example, in a large e-shop, the goal may be to achieve over 1000% of ROAS product campaigns, but for smaller and lesser-known e-shops, ROAS is usually between 500 and 1000%.