Local Inventory Ads (LIA) have been on the market for a while now, but they have been locked to certain countries since Google was still testing their capabilities. As of right now, they opened the LIA gates to more countries to use and profit from.

Countries that can use LIA are the following:

the names of the countries that can use the LIA shown in the table

As far as Shopping in EU CSS goes the LIA are available in all countries that we operate in, which means that if you are using our CSS let’s get you started 🙂

What are Local Inventory Ads?

The LIA feature enables you to display your products and store details to customers in your area who are searching on Google. When these customers click on an ad featuring your local products, they are directed to your local storefront. This is a Google-hosted page for your store, or it could be your omnichannel landing page, provided your website fulfills the required criteria. On the local storefront, customers can check your in-store inventory, find store hours, obtain directions to your stores, and more.

  • Promote Your In-Store Inventory: Inform local customers that your store carries the products they are searching for on Google.

  • Bring Your Local Store Online: Either utilize a Google-hosted local storefront or employ your website with the merchant-hosted local storefront feature to create a comprehensive digital storefront experience.
  • Highlight Store Pickup Options: Directly showcase your store pickup options on your local inventory ads.
  • Use the ‘Pickup Today’ Feature: Display which products can be reserved or purchased online and picked up in-store either the same day or the next.

  • Advertise with ‘Pickup Later’ for Local Inventory Ads: Promote products not currently available in-store but can be picked up within a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Combine ‘Pickup Later’ with Shopping Ads: Use this feature alongside Shopping ads to promote products available for in-store pickup within a specific SLA, without needing to provide full inventory details.

  • Measure Performance: Track the effectiveness of your digital ads in achieving online and in-store performance objectives.

This is just the first part of Local Inventory Ads articles. In the next part, we will go through the setup and inventory verification process. If you can’t wait feel free to let us know at support@shoppingin.eu and we can provide you with all answers right away 🙂