Some time ago we noticed a bug in the Google Merchant center system in which Google randomly removes access in the GMC after activating the CSS program. Google is not correcting this bug yet, so we had to come up with a solution.

If you have an email in the Merchant center that ends with, it can be removed. We do not yet know when and why Google removes the access after activating the CSS program, and we have not received any explanation directly from them.

Together with our clients, we came up with a solution. Several clients had their personal email in the Merchant Center, it was an account and of course, it remained there even though other access emails were removed.

Therefore, before we activate the CSS program, you should:

– Add an account as an administrator to the Google Merchant Center
– Take a photo of the user panel if you have multiple emails in it
– Accept the CSS activation protocol
– Refresh the webpage to check if the accesses have been removed
– If users were removed, you can add them back
– If weren’t removed, you can freely remove your account from the GMC

We understand that you don’t have to have your own account or that you might have a different personal email. If this is the case, let our support know about it and you could instead add their account and, of course, delete it after the CSS activation is finished.