In today’s digital world, competition in the e-commerce industry is increasingly intense. Therefore, it becomes necessary for expanding e-shops to look for effective ways to differentiate themselves and reach their target customers. One of the powerful tools offering potential growth and expansion is the Microsoft Ads platform. In this article, we will focus on the benefits and strategic use of Microsoft Ads for expanding e-shops that are looking for new ways to increase their visibility and sales.

What is Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft Ads was originally known as Bing Ads. It is an advertising platform that allows you to display ads on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Despite the dominant power of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads offers unique advantages that can be especially beneficial for expanding e-shops.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Ads for e-shops?

  • Lower cost per click (CPC) – the possibility of a better return on investment with lower costs

  • Lower competition – a higher chance that your ad will be visible and get more clicks, this can ensure a higher conversion rate

  • Reaching a specific demographic group – Microsoft Ads is used by older users and those with higher incomes. For e-shops, this demographic group can be very beneficial, and Microsoft Ads thus becomes an effective tool

  • Interaction with LinkedIn – this unique feature of the Microsoft Ads platform allows you to target users based on their professions, such as job position or industry, which can be especially useful for B2B e-shops

Is advertising in Microsoft Ads worth it?

The answer is an unequivocal YES. Advertising competition is very low in this advertising space. This is also reflected in the price per click, which is significantly lower than the more widely used Google Ads. Thanks to less competition, the use of Microsoft Ads for online campaigns is a more effective strategy.

The main advantage of Microsoft Ads is advertising in several search engines. While Google Ads only has the Google browser in backup. Although Google has the largest presence in Slovakia, Microsoft Ads search engines have an estimated market share of 5-10%. At first glance, this is quite a small number, but in reality it represents tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of users. Search engines of the Microsoft Ads platform are still new in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and their representation is still growing. We can assume that within two to three years the market share of Microsoft Ads search engines in Slovakia will increase to 15 to 20%.


Microsoft Ads is a powerful tool for e-shops that want to expand their operations and dominate new markets. Along with all the advantages that Microsoft Ads offers to advertisers, it is a great opportunity to improve marketing efforts and increase e-shop sales. With the right strategy and constant optimization of advertising campaigns, it is possible to make full use of the potential that Microsoft Ads clearly has and offers. For your interest, watch the video with our colleague Darko Ďuric, but the interview is in Slovak language.

Watch the interview with our colleague Darko Ďuric