is a Czech e-shop that focuses on the sale of handbags and wallets. The e-shop has an excellent rating among customers, it is known for favorable prices, good communication, and fast shipping.

The goal of the study

The goal was the comparison of the results with and without the use of a CSS partner with our client

Testing the benefits of the CSS program Shopping in EU

Our client decided to try the shopping campaign through the Google Ads service without a CSS partner. We agreed with the client in advance that we will monitor the results for two weeks.

We finished the switchback on March 15, 2021. We then tracked how would CPC, CTR, clicks, and impressions develop in the Google Ads.

For the purpose of comparison, we chose a period of 10 days, when the client used our CSS partner Shopping in EU. We monitored the same period (10 days) after the switchback.


The CSS program affected not only CPC, which softly decreased by 5%, but also CTR, number of clicks, and impressions. The graphs show how the individual metrics changed during the period under review.

Representation of the development of CPC

On the first graph, you can see the changes in CPC value during the use of the CSS program compared to the period without using it. As we can see, the client achieved a lower CPC of up to 5% while using the CSS program.

CPC 3,84 Kč
0,15 €


CPC 4,04 Kč
0,16 €


Representation of the number of clicks

According to the graph, we can see that after the client stopped using our CSS program, they achieved a smaller number of clicks, which represents 20% less than with the use of the CSS Shopping in EU service.

388 Clicks


309 Clicks


Comparison of the CTR

CTR is one of the most important indicators in campaigns. As you can see from the graph, the CTR has decreased by 10% when the client stopped using our CSS program.


CTR 1,49 %


CTR 1,32 %


The development of impressions

The client while using the campaigns without a CSS partner had 28,118 impressions (10%) less than with the use of the CSS service Shopping in EU.

26 223 Impressions


23 412 Impressions


Number of conversions

As you can see from the graph, the client had fewer conversions when the CSS program was stopped. More precisely, they achieved up to 35 conversions less than with our CSS program Shopping in EU, which is a 20% decrease.

177 Conversions


122 Conversions


Of course, each client focuses on the number of conversions, and based on this comparison, the client decided to switch back to our CSS program Shopping in EU. We are very happy that our clients are satisfied with the Shopping in EU service and we are pleased with their positive results.


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