We hope that you are enjoying the summer holiday season and that you are not working while you are on the vacation šŸ™‚ During the summer months, you may feel that online is a bit weaker, but that does not mean that the world is ending.

Now is the best time to adjust campaigns and prepare for the upcoming seasons.
You always have to plan in advance and if you think you have time, trust us, you don’t šŸ™‚

Autumn and winter are ideal periods for the sale of everything. You should exchange outdated and older products for other newer goods, but also focus on the sale of seasonal items.

Anyway, you should start the campaign preparation processes for the autumn and winter seasons. We advise you to start thinking about strategies and even start with the campaign setup for upcoming seasons so that they collect data before the season starts. This way, you will have time to optimize campaigns before they are supposed to be fully operational and you can run into the season in full swing.

Results for July 2022

Clicks10 426 277
Impressions733 409 174
Average CPC0,15ā‚¬
Conversions255 234
Conversion value311 653 476
Conversion rate1,63%

Compared to the month of June, we can say that there was no significant change. The number of clicks and impressions was identical to the previous month, and the price per click did not change at all. Although there were slightly more conversions (by 4%), their value was lower by 8%.

Therefore, as we have already said, you don’t have to worry about slumps in online sales, but rather you just need to set your strategy correctly. When you know how online works during the summer, you just need to adapt, find a breakthrough, and use it to your advantage. Of course, it is different for each segment, but you should never give up!

If you would like to improve your online advertising on Google, do not hesitate to contact us. Before the autumn and winter season begins, you should activate the CSS program so that you can use Shopping and Performance Max campaigns to the fullest extent and advertise more effectively during the peak season.