Summer has started, and with it came several novelties in Google advertising. Performance Max campaigns are already running in full swing and you can even upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max campaigns directly in Google. In the case of text ads, ETA patterns are ending and only RSA ad patterns will remain.

In addition to the news, the holiday season is starting. From what we hear, e-shop owners really dislike this season because of weak sales. It should be taken into account that people got used to ordering online during the pandemic and this continues even during the summer months. Although sales may be a little weaker than before, there’s no need to say that it’s over and shut the business down 🙂

Results for June 2022

Clicks10 101 011
Impressions729 495 278
Average CPC0,15€
Conversions247 037
Value of conversions337 014 357
Conversion rate1,47%

According to the previous month, June has worse results. There were 8% fewer clicks and 7% fewer ads displayed. The CPC went up by 0.01€ and the CTR went down from 1.40% to 1.38%. Of course, the number of conversions decreased by 11% as well as their value by 9%.

Even if the metrics are smaller by about 10%, it should be taken into account that these are numbers from more than 600 e-shops. Because of this, there is no need to worry and you should use the summer to your advantage. Try new advertising methods such as Performance Max campaigns, strengthen your Brand, or try campaigns on social networks.

If you would like to reduce the cost per click on your Shopping or Performance Max ads, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you and answer all questions about our CSS. The fastest way to contact us is directly at or write to us via the FORM ON THE WEB 🙂