In today’s digital world, it is literally essential for businesses to be active in the online environment, mainly to reach their target audience. Therefore, today we will talk about some of the most important tools that help businesses achieve this goal. These are primarily search and shopping ads, which we will look at within the Microsoft Ads platform.

Search Ads

Search ads are an important part of an online marketing strategy. Their utilization in Microsoft Ads offers an exceptional opportunity to reach a relevant target audience. Primarily, they help your business grab the attention of potential customers at the moment of searching for a product or service online. Moreover, creating them within Microsoft Ads allows for precise targeting and performance measurement.

Key Steps:

  • Keywords:
    Choose relevant keywords that customers use when searching for the products or services you offer.

  • Ad Copy:
    Write compelling and relevant ad copy that captures customers’ attention.

  • Landing Pages:
    Ensure that your ad campaigns direct users to relevant landing pages where they can find further information and take the desired action.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are another great way to showcase your products directly to potential customers within search results. Thanks to them, your products will be noticed by customers who are searching for exactly what you offer.

Key Steps:

  • Product Feeds:
    Prepare quality and up-to-date product feeds containing all the necessary information about your products.

  • Product Optimization:
    Adjust your products and their descriptions to be attractive and relevant to customers.

  • Targeted Display:
    Ensure that your shopping campaigns are targeted to relevant customers who are likely interested in your products.

Search and Shopping Ads in M. Ads through BlueWinston?

The process of creating search and shopping ads in Microsoft Ads through BlueWinston is relatively simple and effective. BlueWinston is an automation tool that allows you to create and optimize unique types of campaigns and achieve much better results with its features.

Manual Campaigns in M. Ads vs. Automated Campaigns in BlueWinston

Manual campaigns in Microsoft Ads and campaigns in BlueWinston represent two different approaches to online advertising. We briefly outline a simple comparison of the differences between these approaches.

Manual Campaigns in Microsoft Ads:

  • Manual Control:
    In manual campaigns in Microsoft Ads, PPC specialists must have full control over the creation, settings, and optimization of campaigns. They must manually define goals, target audience, keywords, and budget.

  • Necessary Flexibility:
    PPC specialists must adjust the strategy in real-time based on campaign results and changing market conditions.

  • Manual Keyword Creation:
    PPC specialists must manually create keywords based on their knowledge of the target audience, product, or service.

  • Campaign Structure:
    PPC specialists must have full control over the campaign structure, including dividing the campaign into different keyword groups, budget settings, and optimizing based on analysis results.

  • Complexity:
    Manual campaign management requires time and almost perfect knowledge of the Microsoft Ads platform and digital marketing.

Campaigns in BlueWinston:

  • Unique Campaign Types:
    BlueWinston is an automated tool for creating product ads, and the campaign types it offers are not found in the Microsoft Ads environment.

  • Efficiency:
    Automating the ad creation process and optimizing based on product feeds can increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and improve return on investment.

  • Automated Keyword Creation:
    BlueWinston uses automation to generate keywords based on product names. It identifies relevant keywords and effortlessly creates effective ad campaigns.

  • Data and Template Utilization:
    Based on product data, BlueWinston utilizes predefined templates for automated ad creation. This allows for quick campaign creation without the need for manual ad text creation.

  • Low Complexity:
    Since BlueWinston operates on algorithms, manual management isn’t necessary. This means you don’t need to master BlueWinston perfectly to run a successful campaign.

The main difference between these two approaches is the level of control and effort required for campaign management. With manual campaigns in Microsoft Ads, you simply need more control, whereas campaigns in BlueWinston, focused on automation and efficiency in the ad creation process, don’t require as much control or time investment.

Overall, BlueWinston enables you to efficiently create and manage search and shopping ads in Microsoft Ads without the need for complex manual tasks. This automated tool can help you achieve better results and automatically optimize your advertising campaigns for maximum success.



Don’t hesitate and harness the potential of Microsoft Ads for your e-commerce store! Search ads and shopping ads are key steps in digital marketing. With the Microsoft Ads platform, you have the opportunity to utilize these tools and achieve your business goals. With proper strategies and campaign settings, you can effectively reach your target audience and generate quality leads and sales. Therefore, let Microsoft Ads become a crucial component of your digital marketing plan and start leveraging its potential today.