The Performance Max campaign is a revolution in search advertising. Mainly because its goal is full automation and maximization of campaign performance depending on your marketing goal.

Fully automated campaigns allow you to take a step back from manual work on your campaigns and focus your energy on strategy and creativity.

In this article, we want to bring you a couple of tips and tricks about how to set performance max campaigns.

Use audience signals

Audience signals are an optional feature that you should implement if you have enough Google statistics on which audience is most likely to convert.

This feature is compatible with all audience segments, including first-party and custom audience data, as well as stakeholders, YouTube subscribers, and more.

If you have enough data to import these segments, you will help the algorithm find similar users on Google platforms.

Variety of Asset groups

The more assets you add to your campaign, the more data Google has to process and learn from.

So don’t be afraid to add as many variations as possible for both headlines and descriptions. Google will combine the best-performing ones.

Use creatives, ad text, and CTAs (calls to action).

Finally, make sure you add both image and video assets. This is the only way to reach both responsive display ads (Google Content Network) and Google inventory on YouTube.

Check the conversion tracking

Make sure your conversion goals are working and being tracked correctly. Otherwise, you may find inconsistencies in your campaign performance and actual results.

When the conversion measurement is set up correctly the campaigns will perform better, and they will be able to gather data more precisely.

Setting up a product feed in Google Merchant Center (GMC)

If you own an e-shop, make sure you have a product feed set up in GMC.

Thanks to this, you can also advertise on Google Shopping, which will get your product in front of a much wider audience.

Wondering how to make your Google Shopping ads stand out from the competition with Performance Max campaigns? Optimize your images, product names, and descriptions in Merchant Center for higher ad quality. You can also use our Shopping in EU CSS to achieve higher traffic to the e-shop itself.

How to evaluate your results?

When evaluating the results of this type of campaign, keep in mind that P. Max campaigns take 6-8 weeks until they actually begin to achieve optimal results. Campaigns are based on machine learning, and the initial learning phase can last several days. Subsequently, the campaign collects data for several weeks and improves the display of advertisements.

However, if you want to achieve the best results, you need to check the performance of the assets after a few weeks and find out if you should improve the campaigns.

Regular analysis of spend on potential conversions is also important. However, when analyzing performance through the platform, unlike previous campaign types, Google limits you on the number of metrics you can monitor.

Performance max campaigns – start earlier than the competition

It’s likely that this type of campaign is just the beginning of Google relying on artificial intelligence to solve a number of data tracking problems. So get on this wave early and adapt well to get an edge over the competition.

If you still don’t have a CSS program, check out its benefits and choose your CSS partner. If you need to set up and optimize P. Max campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us.