A new Google marketing strategy called Performance Max Campaigns has emerged to capture potential customers of eCommerce stores that use Google Shopping or other online tools.

Are you wondering what Performance Max campaigns are all about? Well, you came to the right place. We will try to acquaint you with this brand-new concept and point out the benefits that make it worthwhile to decide.

Performance max?

Performance Max campaigns are a new type of campaign in Google Ads designed to help you find more converting customers across all Google advertising channels and within its ecosystem.

As artificial intelligence understands algorithms and knows users’ tastes, it takes the data and in newly created campaigns it sets a goal to attract new customers and achieve the highest number of conversions from them.

This automation increases opportunities for online business owners to attract the ideal audience mainly because they need to increase sales, generate more leads, or obtain relevant information from their target audience.

Performance Max campaigns are an automatic campaign type that resembles a Smart Shopping campaign. Google automates ad generation, but only on the basis of the information provided, just as responsive content ads work.

The main difference between Performance max and other campaign types is that Google automates campaign targeting and ads are shown based on the information provided by the advertiser.

The Performance max campaign type is highly customizable because it uses a combination of automation and machine learning to help advertisers achieve their specific conversion goals.

Performance max campaigns placement

Performance max campaigns can appear really anywhere 🙂 This type of campaign has a wide reach across the Google Network and reaches customers in the following areas:

  • Display
  • Search Network
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Inventory of Shopping ads

What is the biggest advantage of Performance max campaigns?

There are several benefits that are part of a Performance max campaigns:

1. Better performance

Performance Max campaigns use machine learning in order to find the optimal audience at the right time with the best combination of ads. Your ads are automatically optimized for your goal. Therefore, they will start delivering results faster than manually created campaigns.

Marketing goals are placed at the forefront of the campaign. This means that Google’s machine learning identifies the best customers at the right time.

2. Add keywords to the campaign

As consumer behavior continues to change, Performance Max campaigns will collect data about new audiences, which can then be implemented in search advertising campaigns. These audiences will be determined by the goals, intentions, and signals within the campaign itself.

3. Higher ROI

Performance max campaigns are really accurate. For your business, this means you don’t need trial and error. And fewer trials and negligible errors mean lower costs and higher returns.

4. Better information

Reporting has never been a strength of Google. Regardless of the ad campaign, the reports are limited to specific details.

But the Performance max report on Google Insights promises detailed information. You’ll see information about the ad, the audience you’ve reached, the impact of the ads, and the adjustments made for optimization. These specifics can help you steer your campaign further in the right direction.


Performance max campaigns are a great novelty that Google Ads has brought to help companies achieve greater profitability by placing ads for the ideal target audience.

The current trend is to continue to create, develop and consolidate artificial intelligence-based strategies within machine learning techniques aimed at finding the ideal target and satisfying its search intentions.

This new type of campaign is an interesting moment within the PPC world. It’s another step in giving Google control over the whole bidding and audience search.