In addition to the price, we adapted our CSS according to the activation process. Not everyone needs support directly from us. For example, agencies/e-shops are sometimes afraid to assign access to Google Ads and Google Merchant Center or they know how to solve all problems related to Shopping/Performance Max ads.

Because of this, we also adapted the CSS – we adjusted the options for activating the CSS so that you can decide whether to grant us access or not.

What do different options of activation mean?

There are three ways to use and activate our CSS:

1. Sub-Account switch – we will move your Merchant center account under our Multi-Client Merchant center, which has defined Shopping in EU as a CSS. This way we will have access to the Merchant center account and you will also have the CSS active.

2. Standalone switch with access – your account will remain exactly where it is now and you will only assign us access so that we can look into it if something is needed. In this case, it is enough for us to have standard access.

3. Standalone switch without access – Your account will remain exactly where it is and you will not assign us any access. In such a case, we cannot provide you with 100% support, but we can give you some recommendations.

We would like to have access to your Google Ads with every option of the CSS program. With access to Google ads, we can:

1. Compare the results of the CSS and see its functionality directly on your campaigns.

2. Advise you regarding campaigns and their performance. We are PPC specialists who create and optimize campaigns for thousands of clients at BlueWinston every day.

3. Troubleshooting notices. We have a unique CSS insights tool, where we can, if you are interested, provide you with monthly insights on how you are doing and what could be improved.

Of course, during the two years of operation, we have collected frequently asked questions, and one of them is whether you should worry about assigning us access to Google Ads. You can check more about frequently asked questions on the FAQs page directly on our website.

You can activate the CSS simply by filling out the form and selecting options. As soon as we receive the form, one of our specialists will contact you and will be happy to activate the CSS program for you.

If you would like more information about the CSS, do not hesitate to write to us at or choose another option through the contact on our website.