When e-shop owners and marketing agencies wanted to activate CSS, they could have waited a few days for the process to be complete. This was due to the length of communication between us and Google support. Well, this ends now since Google made a few changes in the administration of the CSS.

Until now, if you wanted to have our CSS, you had to fill out a form on our website, then we asked you for access and consent that you want to make the CSS switch from the Google Merchant Center account administrator.

Now, this is changing for the better. The protection of your account and the decision itself still remains. All changes were made on our and Google supports side so you have nothing to worry about.

We got a brand new tool called Google CSS center and it is where we handle everything related to the migration of Merchant center accounts. This is precisely what shortens the time for us to switch Google Merchant center accounts since now we can directly send you a switch request to your Google Merchant center account and only an administrator can approve it.

The process of the CSS activation looks like this:

1. Fill out the form on our Shopping in EU website – you can choose account switch if you already have a Google Merchant Center account or create one if you don’t have one:


2. We will send you a linking request to Google Ads – you will also receive a notification email – This step is optional

3. We send the CSS switch request directly to your Merchant center:

4. You will receive a notification in your Google Merchant Center account that we have sent you a request to activate the CSS program:

5. After you click on View CSS settings new window will open and here you can Review requests:


6. In the last step, you can either Approve or Decline the CSS:

After this step, the only thing that you should check is if we have access to the GMC. If you selected the option without access then this step doesn’t affect you.

You can open Account settings → CSS users → Roles → Standard

This is what the overall process of CSS activation looks like. We no longer have to wait for a response from Google and can ask you directly to activate the CSS. The speed will depend only on our mutual communication.

After accepting our CSS program and activating it, our CSS will appear instead of Google CSS in the upper right corner of your Google Merchant Center.

Digital marketing manager Ondřej Ptáček from the WAU Agency helped us with this guide, and in this way, we directly tested the speed of CSS program activation.

After sending the form and granting us Google Ads access, we were able to activate the CSS within 5 minutes.