Surely you have already met with various offers of CSS partners. If you are still not sure what a CSS program is, you can read more about this program on our website.

Thanks to CSS partners, you can reduce the price per click in your Shopping and Remarketing ads, but also increase their performance or outperform the competition directly in the auction.

There are many CSS partners in the EU and each offers the same service, but for a different amount or with additional, different services. In addition to offering a discount, CSS partners also offer space in their product price comparators. That is why we decided to prepare this article, where we will compare the most famous CSS partners from the EU so that you can better decide which one to use for your business.

1. Shopping in EU

Shopping in EU is our own CSS, created under the wings of the largest Google Channel partner and a tool for automated creation of product Google Ads ads for e-shops around the world – BlueWinston. We currently work with thousands of clients who benefit from our CSS or the BlueWinston tool.

The company was established in Slovakia, but it is used in all EU member states (21 countries), where it is possible to advertise through CSS Partner in Google Ads. Clients can also use our CSS service completely free of charge, unlike the competition.

We offer our customers all the benefits of our affiliate program, namely:

  • CSS in 21 EU countries completely without contracts
  • Specialized and certified support – Google Ads and GMC
  • We can create campaigns for you through the BlueWinston PPC tool
  • Beta versions of programs directly in Google Ads, etc.

2. Shoptimized

Shoptimized is a tool for optimizing your product feed, to which they also offer their CSS program. With Shoptimised, you can optimize and edit multiple product feeds without having to change your website or rely on your developer.

Shoptimized is also an official Google CSS Partner, so they also offer a discount of up to 20% on Shopping and Remarketing ads. In addition, they require no upfront fees and offer support from Google Shopping professionals.

3. Shoparize

Shoparize is a price comparator from the Netherlands, offering its services throughout the EU. Their network is one of the most popular among goods price comparators in the EU. In addition to EU-wide coverage and premium support from Google Shopping experts, they also offer a free program for the first 30 days.

4. Heureka

Heureka is the largest and most visited price comparator of goods in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The Heureka group is a group of several comparators that focus on the eastern part of Europe.

In addition to the discount offered by each CSS partner, Heureka also offers a free month trial period to test whether the CSS program will pay off.

5. Producthero

Producthero is a shopping platform that creates smart tools for advertisers in Google Shopping. They are known throughout the EU and have more than 1,000 satisfied customers.

Among other things, they are no exception and offer their own CSS program.

Their CSS program can be applied in all EU countries and as well as other CSS partners, they offer a 30-day free trial.

6. Arukereso

Arukereso is the most popular price comparator of goods in Hungary. Among other things, it belongs to the Heureka group. It provides its clients with placement in its search and CSS program.

This CSS partner focuses only on the Hungarian market, where they mainly use the popularity of their comparator. They offer premium support, fixed costs, and flexibility.

7. Bigshopper

Bigshopper is active in all 21 EU countries and has over 3.000 clients. They offer extensive partner program for agencies and other companies who work with webshops.

Other than the CSS they offer a personal dashboard with a plethora of online marketing tools. Bigshopper offers a free month trial, premium support and fixed costs.

8. Tidy

Tidy CSS is a CSS partner from Romania. Their price comparator of goods is one of the most visited in the whole country. They offer a CSS program not only in Romania but in several countries in the EU. Their comparator is also available in Slovakia, Germany, France, and Hungary.

They offer a 30-day free trial, fixed price, and premium support.

9. Winner

Winner is a price comparator of goods based in the Czech Republic. Their product price comparator has coverage throughout the EU, so you can use their CSS program in every country. In addition to placement in their comparator, they also offer VIP support and consultation on PLA campaign settings.

10. Adstrong

Adstrong in addition to the CSS program also offers agency services. They focus not only on Google Ads but also on Facebook or Bing Ads. The CSS program offers coverage of all EU countries and premium support.

CSS PartnerGoogle SearchGoogle DisplayYouTubeGmailNumber of countriesPrice from/mo.
Shopping in EU






































As you can see, most Google Certified Partners offer the same thing. The only thing that differs is the amount and bonus services that the operator can offer. If you have a sufficient budget, you can use more than one CSS partner.

Does your competition already use CSS Partner?

It is also important to find out if your competition is using a CSS partner and is advancing because of it.