Choosing a CSS Partner is a serious matter mainly because this cooperation is mostly of a long-term nature and at the end of the day the CSS Partner can help you improve your ads.

With the help of a CSS Partner, you can advertise in up to 21 countries in the EU, and therefore, if you have already expanded or are planning to expand, you need to choose someone.

In total, there are 120+ CSS Partners in different countries in the EU today, and of course, not everyone offers CSS in all 21 EU countries. In each country, you will find different CSSs that have different prices, different terms, and much more.

We can best say how to compare CSS Partners on real examples. For this, we have selected the well-known Slovak & Czech price comparator Heureka together with their CSS Kauf and our Shopping in the EU as suitable Partners for comparison. Heureka and Kauf are basically the same service, the difference is in what it offers and at what price. Since we are based in our region it’s easier for us to compare our local CSS Partners. Nonetheless, you can replicate this comparison with your local CSS Partners, or even compare them to us 🙂

What does a CSS Partner offer?

CSS itself will bring you the benefit of the CPC reduction up to 20% on your Shopping or P. Max campaigns. This can boost the number of clicks, CTR%, and even bring you more conversions from these campaign types.

Each CSS Partner should also have their own support. The support should specialize in Shopping and Performance Max ads + also take care of the entire Google Merchant Center account if needed. If the support specializes in Google Ads advertising, they can also advise you with campaigns.

There are certain factors that need to be compared and which are suitable as appropriate CSS from a certain partner. Let’s break it down and see what each CSS Partner offers and what it doesn’t.

As we can see, Heureka offers all that a CSS Partner can offer, and so do we. Kauf, on the other hand, does not offer support for Google Merchant Center or consultation regarding Google Ads campaigns.

These two services are many times useful for e-shops, especially if they do not have a marketing agency or their own marketing department and manage advertising themselves.

In addition, it is also very important how many countries you cooperate with CSS. When you expand a CSS Partner works in that country, you don’t need to look for a local partner, but you can simply continue working with your CSS Partner.

Of course, as we mentioned, CSS should have a trial period so that you can try it out, and it has to cost something after that. Let’s take a look at how much each CSS costs and what the trial period of the CSS Partners is.

In this picture, we can see that the trial period at CSS Heureka and Kauf is normally 30 days. This is enough time for CSS results to show in your campaign. Of course, when you have something for free longer, it’s only better. Therefore, in EU Shopping you can have the CSS for free for up to 90 days, as long as you use the BlueWinston PPC automation tool.

Price is always important when choosing not only products but also services. With Heureka, it is 370€ per month after the initial trial period. Kauf costs 100€ per month, but you lose the support that can help you solve a lot of problems. Shopping in EU costs 29€ per month and, just like during the trial period, you always have support for Google Merchant Center, consultation for Google Ads advertising, and everything else that CSS offers.

How to choose a CSS Partner?

As we mentioned, CSS Partners can bring not only benefits but also new possibilities regarding advertising. Therefore, you need to choose a partner with whom you will cooperate really carefully. This cooperation is usually long-term, and you want to be sure that if something turns up, the CSS Partner and its support can help you and solve the problem.

You also have to take into account the price of CSS, because the higher price of the CSS means that you need a bigger budget to make CSS worthwhile. For example, if you have a budget of 2000€, 20% of that is 400€. If you have chosen Heureka as your CSS Partner, you have paid CSS from the CPC discount and basically nothing more. With Kauf CSS, you will have 300€ left, which is already better, but with Purchases in the EU, you will have 370€ left, which is the price of Heureka CSS.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the number of clients is very important because, with the growing number of clients, support also encounters all kinds of problems and solves them. At Heureka and Kauf CSS, we do not know the number of clients they have, but in Shopping in EU, we currently have over 1,200 clients from all over the EU.


When choosing a CSS Partner, you need to compare several factors, not just price. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the quality of the support, because it can help you immensely if problems arise.

We cannot speak for other CSS Partners, but we have won the trust of clients not only because of the price of CSS but also through high-quality support and a pro-customer approach. Our CSS is currently trusted by over 500 e-shops in Slovakia, which is why we are also the largest Slovak CSS Partner.

We would like to thank our clients for the many years of beautiful experience, their trust in us, and their patience in solving problems. We believe that you are satisfied with our services and support, and trust us, we are working on making that even better.