No one missed the situation that affected the ecommerce world. Most advertisers turn off campaigns to reduce overall costs, and thus the cost of advertising products. It makes sense, but what if we used this time effectively to increase the return on investment?

In-store purchases have fallen to a minimum, so we can expect an increase in demand for products on the Internet. Of course, it’s difficult to compete with a large number of advertisers, so we’ll give you a tip that can help you get ahead on the market.

Take advantage of product shopping campaigns

Potential customers are most likely to interact and respond to this type of campaign. Of course, first make sure that they are set up correctly, because without that we cannot expect positive results.

BlueWinston, an online tool that helps you filter and create shopping campaigns, can help. It is used by agencies and freelancers around the world to automate text campaigns, shopping campaigns, and dynamic remarketing. To see its benefits, you have 30 days free of charge.

How to reduce the cost of shopping campaigns?

Because CSS Shopping in EU is a Google Partner, we offer up to 20% off of clicks on Google Shopping Ads for free. This can help you reduce your advertising costs and increase your return on investment. Don’t know how? Read F&Qs about our offer.