Impression Share in Google search (metric in Google Ads)

Determining whether your Google search ads are successful can often seem like a big challenge. However, many different metrics and statistics will tell you how your ads are performing. One such metric is search impression share. What exactly is it about? How does impression share work and what does it tell you about the [...]

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How to manage product inventory during COVID-19

Shop owners around the world are trying to respond best and most effectively to the panic that dominates the world at this time. The COVID-19 pandemic brings a number of challenges to retailers of all sizes that they have not faced yet. Therefore, changes need to be done. They share information about how a shop [...]

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How to display more products in Google Shopping Ads thanks to multiple CSS Partners?

Having a suitable CSS Partner is a great advantage of every e-shop owner who uses Shopping or Dynamic remarketing campaigns. Some are able to save up to 20% on cost per click without any fees. All right, but what if someone wanted more than just one CSS Partner? It is possible. [...]

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How to lower your advertising costs and increase your return on investment in online marketing through performance marketing

No one missed the situation that affected the ecommerce world. Most advertisers turn off campaigns to reduce overall costs, and thus the cost of advertising products. It makes sense, but what if we used this time effectively to increase the return on investment? In-store purchases have fallen to a minimum, so we can expect [...]

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