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Supercharge Your Marketing with AI: Practical Applications for E-commerce

The world of marketing is undergoing a revolution driven by artificial intelligence (AI). For e-commerce store owners and marketing agency specialists, AI offers a powerful toolkit to optimize campaigns, personalize experiences, and ultimately drive sales. This article dives into practical ways to leverage AI solutions within Google Ads, focusing on both Performance Max (PMax) [...]

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Should you fill asset groups in P.Max or not?

In Performance Max campaigns, "asset groups" are a crucial element contributing to the success and effectiveness of advertising strategies. They encompass various elements designed to present products or services and, of course, appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Among the fundamental assets is the e-shop's or brand's logo, which, besides increasing [...]

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Search and Shopping Ads in Microsoft Ads – How to do it?

In today's digital world, it is literally essential for businesses to be active in the online environment, mainly to reach their target audience. Therefore, today we will talk about some of the most important tools that help businesses achieve this goal. These are primarily search and shopping ads, which we will look at within [...]

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Microsoft Ads as a new advertising platform

Microsoft Advertising, sometimes known as Bing Ads, currently serves as a new advertising platform. Its main role is to enable advertisers to create and manage online advertising campaigns. Similar to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising offers various types of advertising campaigns, including text ads in search, display ads, dynamic [...]

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Bidding strategy Maximize conversion value and Target ROAS

In today's digital marketing world, Google and Microsoft Ads have become platforms that offer countless different features, campaigns, and advertising options. Gradually, more options are added to these systems, and therefore it is all the more difficult to familiarize yourself with them and properly set up your campaigns so that they are as efficient [...]

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Bidding strategy Maximize conversions and target CPA

The goal of every ad is to generate purchases. This is why many e-shops are now shifting towards paid search bidding strategies. These focus on conversion rather than clicks. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the bidding strategy Maximize conversion or target CPA, how it works, and when you should [...]

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Impression Share in Google search (metric in Google Ads)

Determining whether your Google search ads are successful can often seem like a big challenge. However, many different metrics and statistics will tell you how your ads are performing. One such metric is search impression share. What exactly is it about? How does impression share work and what does it tell you about the [...]

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