The summer vacation period is gradually ending and the autumn season in online advertising is right around the corner. It is the right time to start planning for autumn events and prepare a marketing strategy for Christmas and the winter season.

Autumn is an excellent time when you can clean out your warehouses. You should start with the advertisement of summer products that are on sale so that you can prepare your warehouse earlier for the winter period when online sales are at their peak.

Of course, it is not enough just to sell out the products, you also need to stock up on new items for Christmas and the winter season. You should also consider which products will sell well and in what quantity you need to have them in stock.

Results for August 2022

Clicks10 732 855
Impressions765 521 232
Average CPC0,16€
Number of conversions270 269
Conversion value332 242 199
Conversion rate1,77%

As we mentioned last month, there is no need to worry about the summer vacation season. The results during the summer season show that people are still shopping online.

That’s why we reminded you in the previous months that you need to advertise, and even if the season is weaker, it’s definitely worth it. The data collected by campaigns during this period is priceless and advertising without data is near to useless.

If you have been thinking about whether to activate the CSS for multiple clients/e-shops, now is the best time to do so. You should be prepared before the winter season starts. E-shops have a significant advantage when campaigns run together with the CSS for a longer period of time for example before Christmas arrives 🙂