March was a gorgeous month, not only because the spring is starting and everything is blooming and the streets smell great, but also because of the bunch of “international holidays” that you could have taken advantage of.

If you have for example pop-ups on your e-shop, those can be used for specific days during the year. As an example, you could have used those for Women’s Day, where a discount on certain products is a great thing to have. In addition, last month was the international day of happiness, where you could have packed a gift for each order and thus please customers and make them happy 🙂

While this is not about Shopping Ads, this type of “advertising” is a great way to be unique and creative and it’s for sure a great way to reach out to more customers. Sometimes a small gesture is enough and customers will return or come to your e-shop.

Results for March 2022

Clicks10 038 030
Impressions 683 376 303
Average CPC0,13€
Conversions250 286
Conversion value1 101 931 873
Conversion rate1,69%

Segments and the number of new clients


However, when we compare the month of March with the previous month, what is interesting is that the value of purchases decreased by 46% but the number of clicks was quite similar. From this, we can see exactly that not only seasonality affects the behavior of buyers but also everything that happens around us.

One of the things happening right now is the war in Ukraine and even if you are not from Ukraine this has more or less affected the performance of your ads too. From the debate we had with marketing agencies and e-shop owners around the EU, we record a decrease in orders and the value of orders by 30-80%, depending on the segment and country of advertisement.

Most countries have lifted a lot of Covid restrictions and it is clear that people are enjoying that. Covid pushed online marketing a few years ahead, but each of us lacked freedom and now, when possible, we would like to run out and buy offline even if for just a bit.

Although the brick-and-mortar stores will have a boom during the spring, it is essential to advertise online and most importantly, to try out the new Performance Max campaigns. If you haven’t checked them yet, feel free to read more about what Performance Max campaigns are.

You should also remember that Easter is next week so feel free to use the tips about the pop-up’s that we wrote about at the beginning of this report.

Of course, as with Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns, the CSS program works well with this type of campaign. If you are interested in trying out the CSS program, please let us know, we will be happy to advise you and activate the CSS program.