We have a great time period behind us. Autumn sales end and e-shops are gradually preparing for the Christmas season. This is the strongest and you have to check the existing campaigns, redo them, check the analytics, and so on.

Another great thing is that brand awareness campaigns and video advertising on YouTube are getting more popular. Even though this type of advertising required a bigger budget, e-shops are continuously improving the power of their brand and with this type of advertisement, they can highlight e-shop discounts, new goods, or other benefits

Larger e-shops are already communicating discounts and Christmas sales and thus preparing customers for this season. These are the days when more purchases are made, and of course, if you have also communicated this, we hope that you have achieved the desired results.

Results for September 2022

Clicks10 121 320
Impressions663 594 061
Average CPC0,15 €
CTR1,53 %
Number of conversions259 089
Conversion value340 382 117
Conversion rate1,52 %

Results for October 2022

Clicks12 297 964
Impressions820 914 948
Average CPC0,15 €
CTR1,50 %
Number of conversions295 865
Conversion value386 003 557
Conversion rate1,06 %

Results for November 2022

Clicks14 359 792
Impressions596 582 863
Average CPC0,17 €
CTR 1,60 %
Number of conversions390 787
Conversion value535 093 416
Conversion rate1,42 %

We have already mentioned several times in our results overviews that it is necessary to prepare for the Christmas season after the end of the summer season. From these results, we can accurately evaluate how shoppers behave online.

In September, they start to seek out products, save websites and collect information about what they want to buy on the e-shop. October is already a month of preparations for shopping, but of course, the autumn sale season also affects our results. November is the month when whoever buys it first will have it. We can see that all the metrics went up drastically and it’s because December is coming and people already know in advance that the warehouses will be sold out.

Although December is the month of Christmas, it does not necessarily mean that it will also be the strongest month. This mostly depends on the segment of your e-shop. Anyway, you have to be ready and use the season to the end.

As you could see, during this season we tried as much as possible to help you directly, but also to activate CSS for all clients who needed it. Our CSS is growing every month and it’s mainly because of you, our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust
and we wish you a wonderful holiday season on behalf of the entire Shopping in EU team.
We hope that you will gain not only strength but also a lot of ideas for the next year 🙂