A New Era for Irish Shoppers and Retailers

It has already been 4 years since we started the Shopping in EU CSS. For the past 4 years, we focused mostly on our local Central Eastern European market since we feel at home here. The time has come to expand to new countries so as a first one we chose Ireland.

The Irish Market: A Strategic Choice

Ireland represents a strategic choice for the CSS’s expansion. The country’s growing economy, coupled with an increasing trend toward online shopping, presents a great opportunity for CSS to help retailers in this location. Irish consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and are looking for convenient, cost-effective shopping solutions.

Proven Track Record

Having operated for 4 years in CEE, we established a robust presence in the market. Over 1500 clients, including small local businesses and large multinational corporations, joined our CSS for its benefit and our support specialization. This diverse client base reflects the service’s versatility and its ability to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Benefits for Irish Retailers

Retailers are mostly familiar with the CSS Partners offering the CSS and nothing more. Not us! We have a portfolio of services and tools that already help tens of thousands of e-shops worldwide.

Let’s summarize the benefits that we offer through services and tools:

Every CSS offers a CPC reduction of up to 20% on Shopping and Performance Max Ads in Google Ads. This is applied through Google Merchant Center as long as the e-shop has a CSS Partner selected in the Merchant Center UI.

This way you can use the benefit of lower CPC in multiple ways. Check our article on the Benefits of CSS and how to use them.

We developed the BlueWinston PPC automation tool even before the Shopping in EU CSS and it greatly compliments the CSS. Not only you can create unique product text campaigns, but also highly configurative P.Max campaigns in both Google and Microsoft Ads.

On top of that BlueWinston offers performance-oriented banner ads. The nature of those campaigns is retargeting customers, and this way you can boost the sales from customers who interacted with your e-shop, but never finalized the purchase.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At its core, we are committed to customer satisfaction. The whole process of CSS activation has been designed to be user-friendly. Our support is fluent in English and knows all the ins and outs of Google Ads and the Google Merchant Center.


The expansion of the CSS to Ireland marks a significant milestone for the company. It reflects not only the success of the service over the past four years but also its commitment to adapting and growing in new markets. Irish retailers alike can now look forward to a more streamlined, informative, and efficient advertising experience.