Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a well-known addition to your advertisement. The service can lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) and with that benefit, you can get more clicks for the same price. The service works on both Shopping and Performance Max campaigns + it also includes Dynamic Remarketing as well.

CSS can be provided to e-shops by a Comparison Shopping Partner, and there are more than 100 partners in the EU split into different countries and different categories. You can read more about this in our article about How to choose a CSS Partner.

One question remains to be answered: how big is the CSS Partner you want to work with? Producthero, created an overview of CSS Partners in Europe so we would like to bring you a few insights into this matter. You can check the whole overview on their blog.

A bit about Shopping in EU journey

We have been operating for more than 4 years now, with the focus on local regions (Slovakia, Czech Republic) the most, but we also enabled our CSS for other EU countries as well. With us clients can advertise in all 21 countries in the EU – More information in our FAQs.

Since the start, we have always worked hard to bring our clients not only the benefit of the CSS but also the support with the whole setup of the CSS, campaign creation and optimization, and plenty of other things regarding the whole Google platform.

During those years we achieved a lot with the help of our clients. We have been promoted to Premier CSS Partner, which means that we can solve much more than just normal errors in Merchant Center, we crossed the threshold of 1000 e-shops in our CSS, but most importantly, we learned a lot from you, our clients through the problem solving and this increased not only our support quality but also our overall knowledge, for which we are immensely thankful.

Shopping in EU Statistics

Of course, having 1000+ clients is challenging, but we love every second of it and with that many clients, it’s just a question, if we are dominant in any country. This came out to be true, and currently, we are the biggest CSS Partner in Slovakia and 2nd biggest in Czech Republic:

CSS Shoping in EU usability chart in Slovakia
CSS Shoping in EU usability chart in Czechia

Since we are based in Slovakia it is great to know, that local advertisers trust us and want to collaborate with us. As you can see from the first graph, other CSS Partners are much lower on the scale than us. On the other hand, we always focused on the quality of the support and the ease of all processes.

The Czech Republic is the closest country to which language we fully understand. This is why our CSS is steadily growing in this market. We are still not the biggest partner, but it is a really close one 🙂

CSS Partner is a local comparison shopping site, that people know and visit. It is clear to us, that we are not as known as them, but with that said, we achieved great results nonetheless. As you can see, the balance of the CSS Partners is more prevalent in the Czech Republic than in Slovakia.

What about other countries in which we offer our CSS as a service? Well, since we mostly focus on CEE, mostly clients from Hungary, Romania, and Poland tend to use our services.

Currently, our CSS is being used by 154 Hungarian e-shops, 128 Romanian e-shops, and 93 Polish e-shops.

We also offer CSS in other countries like Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc. Even though e-shops in these countries prefer their local CSS partners, we collaborate with around 50 e-shops from each other country that we operate in.


We are grateful to our clients, without you we wouldn’t achieve much of what we have achieved now. We hope that you are satisfied with our support and the CSS as such.

We always work towards bringing new things to the table, but we like to distance ourselves from putting everything in one tool. We want you, our clients to have freedom of choice with the tools that you need.

With that said we created a website, that serves as a portfolio of our tools & services. Feel free to visit and if you find a tool that you would like to try let us know through the email or just write directly to