As we all know, reports should be the basis of any service. Just as sales are reported in e-shops, we would like to start presenting the results of our clients altogether.

Results for 2020

Clicks 95 519 755
Impressions 7 048 404 740
CPC 0,15
CTR 1,36%
Conversions 3 639 844
Conv. value 5 215 370 346
Conv. rate 3,14%
2020 clients

Results for 2020

Although we have only three quarters behind us in 2021, we can compare how we continued developing the CSS service, when and how our clients joined us and, of course, what results have we achieved together with clients so far. We will also include the last month and then continue with the monthly report.

Number of clients
2021 clients

1st Quarter 2021 – January to March

Clicks 16 463 209
Impressions 1 243 621 050
CPC 0,14
CTR 1,32%
Conversions 658 516
Conv. value 899 901 054
Conv. rate 3,37%

2nd Quarter 2021 – April to June

Clicks 14 716 042
Impressions 1 152 985 458
CPC 0,17
CTR 1,28%
Conversions 532 125
Conv. value 941 078 134
Conv. rate 2,69%

3rd Quarter 2021 – July to September

Clicks 15 403 815
Impressions 1 237 532 613
CPC 0,18
CTR 0,18%
Conversions 494 959
Conv. value 986 223 563
Conv. rate 2,16%

This year 224 clients started using our CSS service, which brings us to a total of 550 clients so far. As you can see, we don’t just focus on certain segments like some CSS partners, but rather we accept everyone that is advertising and in need of a better CPC.

Working with a CSS partner

We also quite recently summarized how does it look like to work with a CSS partner and answered a few frequent questions like can you achieve a lower price, and how does the CSS service work? You can see the results of our study right here.

In addition, we also observed the complete opposite. Our client from the fashion segment wanted to test how would advertising work without a CSS partner and if there are huge changes when using the CSS service. We tracked 10 days before and after returning to Google CSS. If you are interested in the results you can always check our case study.

Results for September and October 2021

September 2021

Clicks 4 927 018
Impressions 375 087 522
CPC 0,17
CTR 1,,31%
Conversions 165 535
Conv. value 508 364 307
Conv. rate 2,62%
September 2021

September is not the most significant month for advertising, but this one also has enough impressions just like the previous year. This means that our client’s ads are showing, but shoppers don’t click as much. This is a rather normal customer behavior and there is no need to worry, everyone is looking for things to buy as a gift for upcoming holidays.

October 2021

Clicks 5 752 149
Impressions 441 813 366
CPC 0,17
CTR 1,30%
Conversions 180 221
Conv. value 1 295 968 980
Conv. rate 1,70%

In comparison with September, the holiday season is gradually coming and we are all doing a gift survey. That’s why impressions are higher and, of course, some of us are already buying gifts, so conversions and their value is also increased.

The month of October has come and people are already starting to prepare for Christmas because as we already know, the warehouses are a bit empty in November and maybe what we would like to buy will no longer be in stock. Even though the holidays are up in a month, it is necessary to prepare properly and increase stocks and marketing funds.


We recommend a gradual increase of your daily budget until the end of December in the upcoming months until the holidays. Then, when the holidays are over, you can gradually start returning it to the original amount, but you won’t spoil anything if you leave it as it is. If you make drastic changes, your campaigns may go wrong and take several months to fix, so be careful and adjust everything in moderation.

If you’d like to advertise more, it’s the best time for it. Join our clients, get a lower cost per click and advertise better. Each click can be a conversion, and if you lower the cost of a click while its value remains the same, you can achieve even more conversions than before. We would be overjoyed if we could help you with advertising, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or via our form on the website.