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Difference in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads Campaigns: P.Max

In our previous article, we mentioned the essential need for contemporary businesses to operate in the online space with the prospect of achieving their business goals. The two main players in online advertising, Google and Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), offer businesses the opportunity for targeted advertising. In this article, we will explore the [...]

By |2024-03-27T12:03:39+01:00March 26th, 2024|CSS|

Google Consent Mode V2: How to Preserve Personalized Advertising

The introduction of Google's Consent Mode V2 marks a significant step in managing user data online. This update enables websites to tailor cookie processing according to visitor consent. The absence of this feature could result in the loss of essential visitor data, impacting online decision-making and business operations. What is the [...]

By |2024-02-20T11:25:40+01:00February 20th, 2024|CSS|

Unique Microsoft Ads integration of product ads from BlueWinston.com

Be part of the success of new and innovative online advertising solutions BlueWinston.com, a renowned expert in the field of online marketing and a long-time Microsoft Ads Channel Partner, announces the launch of its new and unique integration for the automated creation of product ads and unique Performance Max [...]

By |2023-12-22T11:29:05+01:00December 22nd, 2023|CSS, News|

Google Comparison Shopping Partners – Where are we on the ladder?

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a well-known addition to your advertisement. The service can lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) and with that benefit, you can get more clicks for the same price. The service works on both Shopping and Performance Max campaigns + it also includes Dynamic Remarketing as well. CSS can [...]

By |2023-12-14T22:27:31+01:00December 14th, 2023|CSS, News|

How and why to compare CSS Partners – Heureka | Kauf | Shopping in the EU

Choosing a CSS Partner is a serious matter mainly because this cooperation is mostly of a long-term nature and at the end of the day the CSS Partner can help you improve your ads. With the help of a CSS Partner, you can advertise in up to 21 countries in the EU, and therefore, [...]

By |2023-12-07T17:26:13+01:00December 7th, 2023|CSS, News|

Tips for the Performance Max campaigns setup

The Performance Max campaign is a revolution in search advertising. Mainly because its goal is full automation and maximization of campaign performance depending on your marketing goal. Fully automated campaigns allow you to take a step back from manual work on your campaigns and focus your energy on strategy and creativity. In [...]

By |2023-01-24T14:28:13+01:00January 24th, 2023|CSS|

Results overview – September to November 2022

We have a great time period behind us. Autumn sales end and e-shops are gradually preparing for the Christmas season. This is the strongest and you have to check the existing campaigns, redo them, check the analytics, and so on. Another great thing is that brand awareness campaigns and video advertising on YouTube [...]

By |2023-01-12T13:53:12+01:00December 22nd, 2022|CSS, News|
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