Surfaces Across Google – coming to EMEA this month

As we said in our previous blog, free product listings are coming to the EU before the end of year. At that time, we didn’t know when it would be. In the past few days, Matt Brittin announced that free listings on the Shopping tab (Surfaces Across Google) coming to EMEA in mid-October. [...]

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Free product listings coming to EU before end of year

In the past months, we received many questions from our clients about the free product listings on the Shopping tab. This year, Google launched free product listings in the US to help small and medium retailers with sales to fight the COVID-19 situation, and finally, it is coming to the EU too. What are [...]

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Merchant Center error: Required CSS Selection

If you're advertising in Google Merchant Center, it's quite possible that you'll see sometimes error messages or account suspension in your account. In this article, we will look at an error message that could cause your account to be suspended and your advertising on the Google Network to be stopped.  Required CSS Selection [...]

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How to manage product inventory during COVID-19

Shop owners around the world are trying to respond best and most effectively to the panic that dominates the world at this time. The COVID-19 pandemic brings a number of challenges to retailers of all sizes that they have not faced yet. Therefore, changes need to be done. They share information about how a shop [...]

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Google will allocate 304mil. € to advertisers in Google Ads credit

Everywhere, it is only written about how COVID-19 has a drastic impact on the economy and hurts small and medium businesses (SMEs). Traders and entrepreneurs suffer the most. Google has therefore decided to distribute advertising credits of $ 340 million (approximately € 304 million) to help fight this crisis. Why did Google decide to help? [...]

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