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Result overview – May 2022

May is generally a great month for sales, mainly due to the weather. If you have a physical store, you may have seen an increase in customer arrivals, and combined with online you probably had more orders. If you don’t have a physical store, as we mentioned in the previous report, you could [...]

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The performance of the CSS program in the e-shop segment Furniture

The CSS service Shopping in EU has been operating for over 2 years and more than 550 clients have joined us during that time. With each client, we try to monitor the functionality of the CSS program and compare the results before and after activation. From this comparison, we came to the conclusion [...]

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Tutorial – How to create Performance Max Campaigns

We have an interesting period ahead of us. As we could see from previous years, Shopping and Smart Shopping ads could achieve incredible performance for your e-shop. Most e-shops met the highest proportion of orders from Shopping Ads (up to 60-70%), so when a novelty appears that improves this type of campaign, you should [...]

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Result overview – March 2022

March was a gorgeous month, not only because the spring is starting and everything is blooming and the streets smell great, but also because of the bunch of “international holidays” that you could have taken advantage of. If you have for example pop-ups on your e-shop, those can be used for specific days [...]

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7 tips and tricks for setting up ads on Google Shopping

Thanks to their strategic placement and visual format, Google Shopping ads are an effective and affordable way for e-shops to advertise. Thanks to Shopping ads, e-shops can attract the attention of customers, get better traffic and achieve more conversions. However, Google Shopping ads are completely different from Search ads and require implementing and setting [...]

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